Dr Barbara Reynolds-Hutchinson

Dr. Barbara Reynolds-Hutchinson, Ph.D., AusAPT, AFG.  

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My business has several aspects.  They may appear very different from each other but each enriches the other.  This gives me a diversity of skills and interests that will benefit all my clients.


Here is the doorway to what I provide:


Training for Life

Training for Life provides individual coaching and personal and professional development processes, shaped to your particular situation.  The aim is to help you deepen insight into yourself and your life direction, your relationships or your work, so enabling you to live your hopes.  You have the choice of either on-going sessions or following a process. Some of the processes are: Life Directions; Spiritual Accompaniment; Elegant Maturity.  While processes are directed towards specific issues, they are also shaped to meet individual needs.


Group and Organisational Consultancy:

All organisations whether small or large, across all sectors benefit from staff who have good communication skills.  People who are able to relate clearly, honestly, courteously and respectfully to others be they co-workers or customers are integral to successful organisation.  I specialise in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator®


Feldenkrais Method®:

The Feldenkrais Method® is about improving the communication between body and brain.  Flexibility of movement prevents injury, gives a feeling of wellbeing and improves recovery from injury.  Flexibility is also about flexibility of mind and perception.  As you explore more efficient ways of moving, you learn to enlarge your perceptions of yourself and your options in life.

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I may be contacted on contactrh@optusnet.com.au or 0412 645 847